Nowadays, the majority of transactions in real estate happens online. With more options than before, people will naturally come online to find better deals in real estate shopping. An excellent real estate agent knows this and is already utilizing his or her best options in the market. But advertising online is not the same as traditional advertising. There are a lot of ways you can advertise your services and products. Among them are Real Estate SEO, PPC and Natural Approach. Although all can increase the leads, one approach will be better overall in giving leads based on circumstances. What is the better option for real estate advertisements?

What Is PPC?

PPC or Pay-Per-Click advertisement model is a kind of advertisement where you pay the advertisers every time someone clicks on the ads. For example, you offer an advertisement deal with a website called PerfectHomeSearch. They will display your ads on their website. If someone clicked on that ad, it would bring the person to your site. You will then pay PerfectHomeSearch a fee for getting your site more customers. One of the most famous examples of this is Google’s search engine, which displays ads as results.

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Advantages of using PPC in real estate advertising

  • You only pay for the advertisement if someone clicked your ads.
  • You can find out in real-time if your ad is doing well or not.
  • Ads are easy to integrate into the advertisement site, with minimal effort needed to continue.

What is the Natural Approach?

The native or natural approach in advertising, on the other hand, uses a more organic approach to appeal to the prospective client. This kind of advertisement is less intrusive and more likely to generate organic shares as well. In short, unlike PPC, which uses short and catchy phrases like “Buy me” with a picture of the product, the native or natural approach uses contents with the actual value. It appears just like other pages made by the advertiser (e.g., Forbes, Huffington Post).

Advantage of using a natural approach in real estate advertising

  • These advertisements are more likely to receive shares and contribute to more engagements.
  • Less intrusive and more relatable to the prospective customers
  • Leads are more likely people who are trying to buy a property.

The Final Verdict

While PPC can reach more people because of its easy placement and quantity, most real estate advertisers use natural tactics. The reason for this is, although natural advertisement can take a long time to take effect, it offers more high-quality leads according to GuruRealEastateMarketing. Since a real estate property is not just a fad product, the better the lead, the better the results will be, compared to the quantity of the ads deployed. For best effect, most advertisers use the power of social media and organic sharing to get more views and engagement. If you want to get the best results, you might have to consult a real estate SEO expert in your area.

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