Towering above the skyline of Asia’s most glamorous Country: The United Arab Emirates, are several awe-inspiring, eye-popping and beautifully constructed architectural masterpieces. The luxury Penthouses that dot the skyline of the United Arab Emirates are a testimony to its luxurious and fast-rising high clientele real estate. Here is a list of few penthouses for sale in the UAE with ownership on the rise and with no sign of stopping.

Penthouse by One palm

The Palm Jumeirah is Located in one of the excellent real estate spots in the whole of Dubai. This tastefully furnished, state of the art penthouse comes with an eye-popping, yet functional amenities, beautiful landscaping, award-winning architecture, see-through elevators to die for. Its facilities are serviced and maintained by well-trained and uber-professional staff. All these, give it a quality reserved for only nobles and it is available for purchase at a very affordable asking price.

dubai penthouses

Penthouse by Etihad Towers

Also located in the heart of Jumeirah, this magnificent building is famous for its name and its quality. It packs in both simplicity and utmost sophistication. The Ethiad towers as these penthouses are called were carefully crafted with attention to detail and with a global clientele base in mind. With extra flexible payment options such as down payment and a spread for a while, these penthouses are selling like a hot cake.

Penthouse by Al Baten

These penthouses are even more magnificent than the ones listed above because of the incredibly spacious rooms and gracious amenities which are second to none in essence and vanity. Here is the biggest catch, the penthouses have direct and unrestricted access to the beach, and they are on sale for an unbelievable price.

dubai penthouses

Penthouse at Al Zeina

Very proximal to the shopping part of the United Arab emirate, this penthouse has a wall to floor glass magnificence which offers its residents an open view of the city. You can find an abundance of modern facilities such as Jacuzzi, private gyms, spas, open-air swimming pools, and saunas; all for the private consumption of the lucky owner. The most exciting feature of these apartments is not the well-serviced helipads but the very affordable price tags for the available buyer.

dubai penthouses

Penthouses by Soho Square

You will find these penthouses nowhere except in the surreal island of Saadiyat also located within the United Arab Emirates. If you’ve been looking for an apartment with a fantastic touch of excellence on top of open-air dining areas with Persian –like courtyards, this is the penthouse of your choice. With neighbors ranging from expats to Hollywood bigwigs and members of the Dubai royal family, these penthouses are reserved only for the bourgeois and are selling faster than dope on the street. They are also proximal to the beaches, and the desert is just a camel ride away.