In theory, buying a King Albert Park condo is pretty easy and straightforward. But it can be very challenging in terms of proximity, as well as the size and floor plan. At the same time, just because it’s challenging, it doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Here’s what you need to know about all the condos near King Albert Park MRT.

Mayfair Gardens

Mayfair Gardens is a condominium that is just a 5-minute walk from the King Albert Park MRT station. This 99 leasehold condominium is developed by Oxley Holdings and features 215 residential units, many of whom are already sold. However, many don’t mean all as there are units available. The Mayfair Gardens condominiums are developed on the same site where the older condominiums were. Out of the 215 units, there are 89 one bedroom units, 72 two bedroom condos, 26 three bedroom units, and eight four-bedroom units.

King Albert Park condo

King Albert Park Condominiums

King Albert Park is a 7-story freehold development featuring 142 residential units and 107 commercial shops. The project comprises of restaurants, shops, and supermarkets to provide you from an exceptional dining experience to last-minute shopping. It’s just above the King Albert MRT station. Condos that are part of this mixed development project are some of the most expensive ones in the region.

King Albert Park condo

Daintree Residence

Daintree Residence is also a 99 leasehold condominium that is just minutes away from the King Albert Park MRT station. It has been developed by Setia and features 327 residential units. Same as in Mayfair gardens, some of them are already sold. The Daintree residence draws inspiration from the Daintree rain forest, a UNESCO protected world heritage reserve. This condominium residence is an urban oasis surrounded by green areas and trees that blend perfectly together.

Bukit Timah and Upper Bukit Timah

Bukit Timah and Upper Bukit Timah are in the same proximity to the King Albert Park MRT station as the others condominiums. There you can find residential condos of all sizes and plans. You can find some of the best primary schools in these areas. Many families even move there just so that their children can visit the schools there. Some of the most notable primary schools in the area are Keming Primary School, Methodist Girl School, Bukit Timah Primary School, and Pei Hwa Primary School.

King Albert Park condo

What’s common for all condominiums, aside from their hefty asking prices, is that they are all top quality and surrounded by trees, parks, excellent restaurants, coffee shops, various stores, playgrounds, and pretty much anything needed for modern, urban living. Another common nominator is that the area is populated by both local and foreigners. Those only add up to the cosmopolitan’s charm of the community.

In Conclusion

Proximity is not an issue with any of these areas. All are in a walking distance from the King Alber Park MRT station. A hundred meters less or more won’t make much difference. In terms of price, Mayfair Gardens and Daintree Residence feature the most expensive condos. The quality is outstanding in all of these areas, and one shouldn’t be concerned about that.