The COVID-19 pandemic drastically affected the real estate niche. In Mississauga, property values are gradually rising, and new buyers come to the city for condominiums. The increasing interest of investors in buying up condos in Mississauga has brought the city into the limelight. While the city is appealing to invest in real estate, not every neighborhood is perfect for you.

Areas situated close to amenities and transit enjoy a profitable tenant turnover. Cooksville, East Credit, City Center, Lisgar, and Meadowvale offer buyers and tenants these features. While City Centre is perfectly situated to some key conveniences in the city, others like Condos in Cooksville have their special appeals:

The best places to buy a condo in Mississauga

Do you want to invest in Mississauga condos? Investors consider the transit and the LRT before they make their condo destination choice. The good news is that Mississauga has no disadvantaged neighborhoods. However, you decide the area that best suits you.

Port Credit condos

You can consider areas with close access to train, Go Bus, highways, and MiWay. They are considered first by investors. We have listed some of the best places you can buy a condo in this beautiful city. Condos in Port Credit are highly attractive, just like the ones in Clarkson and Meadowvale.

The top areas where you can buy great condos based on sales in Mississauga include Hurontario, Churchill Meadows, East Credit, and City Centre. These areas are in high demand because they offer amenities, transit, and affordable condos.

City Centre Condos

Downtown Mississauga or the City Centre is a beautiful place to work and live. It has the famous Square one condominiums and has become the destination for savvy real estate investors, professionals and immigrants. City Center is home to the Mississauga Celebration Square, which hosts a farmers market, multicultural events, roadshows, festivals, etc.

Square One shopping mall is the second largest in Canada. At the same time, some of the places of interest include the Office of the Mayor of Mississauga, Sheridan College, Living Arts Centre & Sports Hall of Fame, and Art Gallery of Mississauga.

The interest rates in Mississauga are relatively low, while the cost of condos is affordable compared to Downtown Toronto. Buying condos in Mississauga is fantastic because of the abundance of transit and growing amenities.


The Hurontario area has numerous schools, including Catholic schools, St. Gertrude Separate School, St. Matthew Catholic School, Huntington Ridge Public School, San Lorenz Ruiz Elementary School, Champlain Trail Public School, Nahani Way Public School, and others. The condos and homes have transit access through Zum and MiWay through different bus routes. The new light rail transit stops (LRT) is an added advantage to people who want to buy condos in Mississauga.

Hurontario Condos for sale

Hurontario has numerous parks like Staghorn Woods, Ceremonial Green, Greyshale Park, Hawthorne Valley Park, Red Bush Park, and many others. The Hawthorne Valley Trail is perfect for hiking or cycling through urban and natural settings. Most of the properties in the city were built include condominium apartments, single-detached houses, townhouses, and semi-detached homes.

East Credit

East Credit has numerous schools, ranging from elementary schools to middle schools, both public and private. Rick Hansen is one of the top schools in Mississauga. The city has numerous parks, recreation trails, and a well-connected transit system- the Mississauga Transit (MiWay). East Credit’s homes include single-detached houses and townhouses. Only a few of these properties are rented.

East Credit Condos For Sale

Churchill Meadows 

Churchill Meadows offers investors a well-connected transit with other parts of the GTA and Mississauga. It has a variety of Catholic schools and Public Schools. St Joan of Arc Catholic School and Stephen Lewis Secondary School is among the best schools in Mississauga. The area offers playgrounds, parks, skateboarding area, soccer fields, and others. Churchill Meadows provides a mix of condominiums and homes.